Windows Core OS will include Open Source components. Wait, what ?

Microsoft is going all in with open source. Windows Core OS will feature some open source components.
Microsoft Loves Open Source

After Satya Nadella became the CEO of Microsoft, the company has embraced open source with open arms. The company has contributed to the community more than ever including original sources of MS-DOS, Visual Studio Code , .NET Core etc. You can gauge the depth of their commitment by looking at their GitHub acquisition.

Having said that, no one could have imagined the software giant will adopt open source components for Windows. But, it looks like that is happening with the next version of Windows, i:e; Core OS.

Twitter user @DriversCloud discovered this from a LinkedIn job description.

There is one open source component we know that’s going to be added to the Core OS, i:e; Chromium. We may see other open source components soon.

Source: Twitter (DriversCloud)



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