Walgreens has partnered with Microsoft to roll out Microsoft 365 for 380,000 employees.

Walgreens has signed a seven-year deal with Microsoft to roll out Microsoft 365 for its 380,000 employees

Microsoft has signed a deal with Walgreens Boots Alliance, the second largest pharmacy store chain in the US. As per the deal, Walgreens will be replacing its IT infrastructure with Microsoft’s Azure service. which means, Microsoft will roll out Microsoft 365 for 380,000 employees of Walgreens. The agreement has been made for seven years.

For those who don’t know Microsoft 365 is a combination of Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

Microsoft is landing deal after deal recently. In just a few months the software giant has managed to make a deal with Walmart, Kroger, and Gap. These are some seriously large companies. Add Walgreens to the list and you get to know the reason behind Microsoft’s success. The reason why the company is trading higher than Apple.

Oh about Apple, Reacting to the slow sales of iPhone, the company has taken a drastic step and allowed TV manufacturers like Samsung & LG to put iTunes and Airplay to their products. In other words, Apple has finally understood what Microsoft has already accomplished. It’s all about services and recurring revenue.

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