Twitter for desktop now has a new UI

In order to make their UI design coherent across App and website. Today, Twitter has drastically changed the UI for desktop users. What are the changes? and do we like it? read on to find out.
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In order to make their UI design coherent across App and website today, Twitter has drastically changed the UI for desktop users. Pretty much all features are inspired from the Twitter App.

Every interaction element has been either moved or retouched. Let’s go through the changes first.

  • The profile section that was on the left side of the feed has been removed and follower count has been integrated to the user pane that rolls out from the right with all the settings.
  • Trends section is also repositioned. Now it is on the right side instead of left.
  • Moments has been replaced with a search icon and works just like the mobile version of the App.
  • Twitter drops the text from all menu items now they are icon only.
  • There is also an omnipresent Tweet button at the bottom right corner just like the app.
  • It also includes some new features like Bookmark, Dark mode and Data Saver.
  • In the profile page, the cover pic doesn’t cover the whole width of the screen. It has a two column layout now.
  • The DM has a page now instead of a pop-up window.
New Twitter Feed

A few caveats:

  • The beloved tweet compose area is just a front. You can’t compose your tweet directly there. After clicking on the text area, a new pop-up window appears where you have to compose your tweets. This adds another step for you if you are a fan of Drag & Drop. Now first, you have to click on it to open the compose window then only you can drag and drop images.
  • You can’t copy the link of a tweet directly anymore. The “Copy link to tweet” is gone. to do that you have to click on “Embed Tweet“. It will open another page where you can see the preview and copy the link. It just adds another step and made a straight forward process unnecessarily complicated. 
  • You can’t change the trend location directly. To do that you have to Settings & Privacy > Content Preferences > Trends. Then uncheck the “Trends for you” setting to reveal the trend location setting. Ohh the hassle

In my opinion, The redesign looks cool but there are a few caveats. What do you think of the update? Let me know in the comments.



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