Microsoft is not the world’s most valuable company anymore.

Amazon secured a market cap of $796 billion and crossed Microsoft to become the most valuable company on earth.

After enjoying five weeks at the top spot, Microsoft has lost it to its cloud competitor and retail giant Amazon. As of closing of Monday trading Amazon has a market cap of $796 billion eclipsing Microsoft’s $783 billion.

Late last year, Microsoft shook the stock market when it took the top spot as the most valuable company in the world surpassing Apple. Some credited it to the leadership of the CEO Satya Nadella, some said it is because of the cloud and enterprise focus of the company. while others credited the downfall of Apple.

But I for one came to the conclusion that, The investor faith has increased due to the multidimensional nature of its revenue source. From Cloud to Services to Hardware, Microsoft has a hand in every pie (Don’t forget Gaming) which is a stark contrast to Apple and it’s over-reliance on iPhone.

The competition is high. It seems Microsoft, Amazon and Google will battle all year long for the numero uno spot. Except for Apple, which is facing some serious trouble after iPhone sales decline in emerging markets.



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