Microsoft adds three new capabilities to the Teams app for Firstline Workers

Microsoft has added three new features to its Teams app keeping Firstline workers in mind.

Microsoft has added three new features to its Teams app keeping Firstline workers in mind. It will enable them to communicate and collaborate effectively with a customizable Teams mobile experience and new mobile features. But wait a minute, what is a Firstline worker?

As per the company, Firstline Workers are the people who work as retail associates, flight crew members, and field service workers etc.. In a broad sense, the workers who directly communicates with the consumer.

The added features are.

New customizable mobile Teams experience: 

It gives Firstline Workers the tools they need to communicate and collaborate effectively and securely on the go. The features include location sharing and smart camera, as well as the ability to record and share audio messages.

Graph API for Shifts:

It is the schedule management tool in Teams. The new API can establish integration between Shifts and enterprise scheduling systems, enabling seamless access to workforce management systems for managers and employees, right from Teams. The Graph API for Shifts will be in public preview this quarter.

The Praise tool

This tool allows managers and employees a simple way to recognize and praise coworkers, right in the Teams app where the whole team can see it. As Firstline Workers such as retail associates play a key role in representing a company’s brand, a simple gesture of praise can go a long way.



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